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General fund for our beneficiaries

Here you can also make a donation to our general fund, which we use for the purchase of the medicines of all our beneficiaries. The funds collected in this campaign are assigned in equal shares to all campaigns that have...


The fight against breast cancer

ASAPRECAN is an NGO in El Salvador dedicated to the fight against all types of cancer. It has programs for the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. We are helping to fund their program to provide post breast cancer medication...


Medicines for high blood pressure and kidney failure

Bonifacia is 86 years old and dedicates herself to the maintenance of her household. She suffers from high blood pressure, iron deficiency, acid peptic disease and kidney failure. She needs help to finance the purchase of iron supplements, aloe vera,...


Treatment against dystonia

Alexa is 4 years old. Her favorite pastime is to play shop with her dad. She also likes to play with her dog Duke. Her most beloved foods are chicken and cereal with yoghurt. Her favorite TV shows are Peppa...


The fight against pediatric cancer

We are raising funds to help Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir. Their work and results in treating children with cancer in El Salvador are inspiring. Their fundraising efforts have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown measures imposed in El Salvador. With...


Campaign closed – Jackeline

Jackeline is 22 years old and dedicates herself to the maintenance of her household. She suffers from type 2 diabetes, which also causes complications during her current pregnancy. She needs insulin injections for the treatment of her condition, the monthly...

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Campaign closed – Lourdes Colón

We are raising funds to finance medicines for four people in Lourdes Colón, El Salvador, whose financial situation has gone from bad to worse given the Covid-19 containment measures that the government has put in place. Rosa is retired, Margarita...

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Campaign closed – Medicines against heart disease

Vilma needs Cilostazol (anticoagulant) and Pentoxifylline (blood thinners) to carry on with her daily life. These medicines are usually not available in public pharmacies. The monthly cost of these medicines is 77 USD. With your previous donations, we were able...

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