What we do?

We are a group of people who strive to create positive change in the country along with many other private sector projects that have already achieved extraordinary results.

Our NGO channels around 97% of the contributions to our beneficiaries. We ensure that the greatest impact possible is achieved from our donations. We have strict verification processes that guarantee that the right medical help reaches the people who need it the most. We personally handle the medicine distribution to make sure that all funds collected are handled properly.

What do we promise our collaborators?

HelpSV thrives to be an efficient way to channel the contributions from each donor.”

Currently, the size of the organization allows us to do the work ad honorem, through the founding members and the board, which means there is no  operative cost. In the future, when the project grows, we have the commitment of looking for financing options to ensure that all contributions generated in this platform are used entirely to help people in need.

What differentiates us?

In addition to financial aid, our foundation aims to help humanize the problem of poverty in the country.

For more fortunate people to better internalize the implications of living without sufficient means to meet basic needs such as medical treatment. That is why we have opted for the p2p (peer-to-peer) model. We hope that in this way, donors can have a more personal connection with recipients and their stories. In the future, our own platform will include other functionalities (eg: direct messaging between donor and beneficiary) that contribute to this purpose.

A Project That Does Help

The feedback we receive from our beneficiaries and their families fills us with satisfaction. 

In some cases, we have been able to help patients who otherwise would not have been able to purchase medicine for potentially life-threatening conditions. Relieving a person of that type of concern is an achievement that we want to gradually increase and thus reach more people who live in that situation.


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Words from our co-founder

It’s difficult to imagine what it means to decide not to purchase medicines that can save your
life, because you can’t afford to do so this particular month. Step by step, we strive to help more
people in this situation.

Francisco Beneke


Francisco Beneke
Co-founder and Chairman of the board

Francisco is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich and the Executive Editor of the GRUR International, a peer-reviewed academic journal on innovation and the law. He specializes in the study of innovation, development, and digital markets. Francisco is passionate about putting knowledge into action.

Michelle Beneke

Michelle graduated from the University of Navarra, Spain, where she obtained her BA in audiovisual communication. She is a mother of four children and currently has her own bakery business. She is a member of the patronage of SIRAMÁ dedicated to women empowerment through art, trades, and values. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the ICEF Foundation which is dedicated to the education and counseling of Salvadoran families.

Alejandra Beneke

Alejandra is an Attorney-at-law, Head of the Intellectual Property Department at Sáenz y Asociados, a Central American Law Firm. Since her teenage years she has volunteered in charities and non-profit organizations that involve helping young women and provide housing in poorly served rural areas in El Salvador.

Fernando Beneke

Fernando is a BBA graduate with 5+ years of experience in Corporate Finance and Business Development at ArchDaily, a global architecture media platform. Born in El Salvador, lived 9 years in Chile where he got his degree, and is now living in Germany since 2019.

Sofia Pacas
Member of the board

Salvadoran economist and mother of one. She runs her own insurance brokerage practice. She has always been involved in charitable causes dedicated to the development of children and teaching social values. Due to a personal condition, she is passionate about helping other people in similar conditions to obtain adequate medical treatment. 

José Rodríguez
Member of the board

José is Attorney-at-law and notary public in El Salvador. Founder of Legalítika, a company dedicated to promote innovation and development of technological solutions in the legal industry. He is also Director of the Center for Legal Innovation in El Salvador and Co-Organizer of the Offical Salvadoran Chapter of Legal Hackers. José is undergoing through a process to become what is known as an “Engineer of Legal Transactions” or “T-Shaped Lawyer”, which is a combination between a lawyer and a software engineer. He invests his time in learning programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. He is passionate about the beach, technology, and the digital transformation of the legal business. 

Julio Vides
Member of the board

Julio is founding partner of the law  firm Abogados Legal+, founded in 2006. He has vast experience in the judicial system of El Salvador, having worked in the Supreme Court of El Salvador and various comercial and civil courts and court of appeals. This experience enabled him to develop the skills to handle legal controversies in different áreas of the law. Julio is a founding member of Fundación Actúa and member of the board of various NGOs in El Salvador.

Herbert Castillo
Member of the board

Salvadoran. Has a BA in business administration and an MBA. CFO of Farmacias Camila, one of the leading pharmacy chains in El Salvador, with 15 years of experience in the field. Is an investor of various app-based business models such as Hugo App and Clubes. Is the legal representative of Hugo App.
Herbert is always at the forefront of market trends and new investment opportunities. Is very active in social and environmental causes. He likes to spend his spare time with his family. He loves the sea and adventures.

José M. Avelar Portillo
Member of the board

COO at Centro de Vidrio. BA in business and economics from ESEN. Holds and MBA from INCAE Business School.

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