We are a non-profit established in El Salvador and Germany committed to improve access to healthcare in El Salvador

Who we are

HelpSV is a non-profit organization that finances, through crowdfunding, medical treatments for people in need in El Salvador.

Through HelpSV, donating becomes a straightforward and personal experience.

Why HelpSV?

We channel at a minimum 97 percent of the contributions from our donors to purchase the medicine and treatment required by our beneficiaries. The remaining 3% of the contributions is the commission of the payment platform that we use and the commission of external crowdfunding platforms that we have used in the past. Our donors can trust that the organization will channel most of their contribution directly to the people that need it. Therefore, they can also trust that the information provided in the verification process will be transparent and that the donations will reach their destiny as intended.



How it works

The members of the non-profit select a low-income community containing a group of people with a chronic or temporary disease. We also make sure to collect the required documentation: personal information from the beneficiary, diagnosis, and medical scripts signed by a doctor.

With this information, we request a quote for the medicines (which could be monthly if there is a recurrent expense) at Farmacias Camila, our strategic ally. This pharmacy chain provides us with a discount of 20% off the regular medicine cost. Based on the quote, we proceed to collect the necessary funds through crowdfunding campaigns on our platform or third party services such as GoFundMe. As soon as the funding goal is reached, the organization purchases the medicines and coordinates their delivery to the beneficiaries, who can then collect the medicines in their Farmacias Camila location of choice.

Our donors can trust that we channel close to 100 percent of their donations to the people that need them. At the same time, they can rely on the fact that we conduct a thorough verification of the medical and personal information of the beneficiaries to ensure that the medicines reach those who need them the most.

We offer donation certificates for the purposes of income tax declarations to donors in El Salvador and Germany


I am grateful to HelpSV. With its help we have managed to obtain medicines for our illnesses, which have been prescribed for the rest of our lives. Medicines that we cannot afford given our income and other limitations. Thank you HelpSV.

Guillermo Ortiz Gonzales

I want to infinitely thank HelpSV. With its help we have been able to obtain medicines that we cannot afford due to our income limitations. Thank you HelpSV. May God keep blessing you.

Rosa Emilia Ortiz

I am grateful to the HelpSV foundation for their help with the medicines for my mother, which we could otherwise not afford. Thank you very much to everyone and may God multiply your blessings

María Isabel Chacón de Molina

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