Medicines for dermal psoriasis

Lidia is 74 years old and currently takes care of her household. She needs Hydroxin, Dermovate and Oleoderm for her skin treatment. The monthly cost of the medicines is 29.47 USD (24.84 Eur). Our goal is to be able to finance 6 months of treatment, 176.82 USD (149.04 Eur). With your help, we can make sure that Lidia has access to the medicines she needs. The medications are a significant financial burden given the income level of her household. Therefore, your help is important not only for her health but also for her family’s financial stability.

Any contribution, no matter the amount, goes a long way in reaching our goal. We also appreciate if you share in this campaign to reach as many people as possible.

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Donation reached: $110

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