Medicines against heart disease

Vilma is 59 years old. She has low blood pressure, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Vilma used to operate a small corner shop where she sold mainly charamuscas (typical Salvadoran soft drink) and other products. Given her heart condition, she had to stop working. Her heart works at 35 percent of its normal capacity.

Vilma needs Cilostazol (anticoagulant) and Pentoxifylline (blood thinners) to carry on with her daily life. These medicines are usually not available in public pharmacies. The monthly cost of these medicines is 77 USD. With your previous donations, we were able to finance 6 months of medications costs (July-December 2020). Our goal is now to be able to finance a full year of treatment. With your help, we can ensure that Vilma has access to the medicines she needs. The costs are a significant financial burden given the income level of her household. Therefore, your donations are important not only for her health but also for the financial stability of her family.

Every contribution counts. We would also be grateful if you share this campaign with other people you think would be interested in donating.

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Donation reached: $250.00

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